A Quick Peek Introduction to Microfibers Fabric Material

A Quick Peek Introduction to Microfibers Fabric Material

custom.sg - Microfibers are widely known as a material for making cleaning stuff. Before we go too far, let’s check what it is made from. Microfibers, some call it or microfibre, are synthetic fibres which have a diameter less than ten micrometres.

For your information, it is smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk. It’s about 1/5 of a human hair. Most of the microfibers are made from polyesters, polyamides (e.g., nylon, Kevlar, Nomex, trogamide), or a mix of polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene.

A Quick Peek to Microfibers Fabric Material

Microfiber is popular for making mats, knits, and weaves for clothing, industrial filters, and cleaning products. The different material for microfibers makes factory can choose the shape, size, and perfect combinations of specialized fibre.

The blend of certain fibres can determine specific characteristics, including smoothness, durability, absorption, water impermeability or resistance, electrostatics, and filtering capacities. When we use microfiber, we will obtain some benefits:

  1. Microfibers can wick moisture. It means that microfiber is both extremely absorbent and dries fast. This ability makes them also used for menstrual pads, cloth diaper inserts, and body scrubbers, face mitts, whiteboard cleaners, and other various goods.
  2. Microfibers are an impressively breathable fabric. It is the main reason why athletic clothing companies choose it as material for their products.
  3. Microfibers are cheap in term of production and the process. The size of microfibers makes it impossible to be created naturally; they are made in the lab.
  4. Microfibers can be made from wood pulp, or polyester and nylon polymers. Therefore, they are not dependent on animals or plants like cotton or silk.
  5. Microfiber sheets are very thin, but, they have incredible strength without leaving smoothness and comfortable aspect compared to the others.
  6. Microfiber is an ultra-soft polyester fabric made to be stain-resistant.
  7. Microfiber has a decent toughness and also water-resistant. It is perfect for well-used furniture and homes with kids and pets.
  8. Last but not least, the fabric keeps the colour well. Thus, it will look fresh and last longer than many other fabrics.

If you are an eco-friendly material lover, we have good news for you. In producing synthetic fibres, they use no pesticide in the process, if we compare it to cotton production processes.
When the products are made of polypropylene thread, then it is dope-dyed. It means no water is used for colouring.

Unlike cotton, where thousands of litres of water are used to colour them, which make it becomes contaminated. As a last note, microfiber can be recyclable if it is made from polypropylene.