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Please verify your dropbox account before you upload file through dropbox to make sure the uploaded file is accessible. Go to menu-setting-verify email-check your email for dropbox verification and done.

File for A4 printing is at least 150 kB, A3 is at least 350 kB. Maximum filesize for printing is 2 MB. Design preview maximum is 300 kB. We accept files with JPG and PNG formats only. File type: JPG for Direct to Garment print and PNG with transparent background for the Rubber and Neopigment print. Same Day Service is only valid for order, purchasing, and payment confirmation maximum at 2:00PM. Same Day Service order over this time is belong to the next work day. we provide some type of print, that is : NeoPigment non-white, NeoPigment+White, and Print & cut vynil. for more details about each ink , please click here Please upload preview image for the location of the image, we will print the image in the middle centre of the t-shirt.

For Bag Order and Home decoration items (except for cushion and pillow covers) will take 2 weeks after payment made.

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