The History of Mini Skirt and Its Development

The History of Mini Skirt and Its Development

The history of mini skirt was started from a fashion show that was held by Andre Courreges that was known as a French designer. The miniskirt that was introduced by him for the first time was the A-line model in which it had narrow shape at the waist and when it came to the hem, it was wider and there were four inches ended higher than the knee. Skirt shorts might not be popular back then but Courreges had a good thought about short skirt would be a modern trend that easy and streamlined.

Mini Skirts Introduced at the Show of Courreges

In the past, fashion style might emphasize on the conservative style, custom skirt had not existed yet along with printed skirt. The skirt came in a usual design so when the new designs of Courreges were shown at his own fashion show event, the audience was made in shocked silence. Although there were some fashion critics over the mini skirt, it was not that long until these modern look could be accepted by women. After Courreges revealing his new, shocking-yet-exciting products, there was Mary Squant that was interested in introducing her own short skirt product in 1955 which was a bit different from the Courreges’ A-line model; this was designed with the hemline that came shorter which reached the thigh’s middle part.

If you have heard about the “mod??? style, the new one consists of the miniskirt produced by Quant. After that, both Quant and Courreges decided to pair the skirt with geometric prints as well as white, flat boots and this was a new look popularized by the help of Brigitte Bardot who was the French sex symbol actress and Twiggy who was a British model. Not too long, the skirt shorts became a booming icon in fashion world after Jacqueline Kennedy, who was the American first lady, wore them.

Printed skirt is modern along with the custom skirt because fashion has been through evolution as well. As time flies, we could see how short skirt comes in a shorter length which is considered as a micro-micro and micro-mini which are totally extreme. Begun in the 1950s and 1960s, mini skirt has evolved into the shorter ones but come in the more relaxed and much freer for most women. The style that was presented by the 1960s-modern women was sexy and bold but that looked fun as well without covered up in a gorgeous skirt shorts.

It did not stop there, there was miniskirt reintroduction done several times and one of the most noticeable introductions was in the 1980s in which the skirt was worn by Madonna. Nowadays, we can find short skirts, custom skirt and even printed skirt more easily.