How to Look Taller Using Mini Skirt

How to Look Taller Using Mini Skirt

Do you like your mini skirt so much that you wear it on almost every ocassion? Believe it or not, this fashion item can make you look taller and more glamarous with the proper printed skirt. These are the tips on how to look taller using your miniskirt. No more wondering whether you still look petite or not.

Ways of looking taller using mini skirt

1. Use your heels

Mini skirt or short skirt is best when used combined with high heels. These items will enable your legs to look longer than usual and result in glamorous look of you. You can combine your patterned printed skirt with plain pastel colors of high heels. Add some cute accessories to emphasize your glamarous look, like gemstone necklaces or matching color of bracelets.

2. Determine your body type and pick the proper style The other tip to use your skirt shorts is by deciding which kind of body shape are you first. There are some well known body types like apple when you have broad shoulders or pear when you have wide hips. To decide the styles that fit you best, you can look upon the beauty magazine or fashion websites and blogs. Learn how models with similar body types survive and look effortlessly fashionable when using mini skirt. If you already have broad hips, avoid printed skirt with so many complicated shapes and patterns that can attract people’s attention mainly to your hips. Otherwise, focus on your upper outfit rather than your skirt. You can wear the t-shirt or shirt with playful patterns to make people avoid focusing on your hips.

3. Pick the suitable prints and colors of your skirt It is actually recommended for petite women to avoid miniskirt with so many details. Otherwise, use the printed outfit with minimal details to make you look less like you are trying too hard. For example, use the short skirt with vertical prints to make you look way taller. This will give an elongating effect on your petite legs so that you can pull of a tall and mature look from your outfits. You can also include the vertical details on your skirts such as stitches, zippers, buttons, or even ruffles. Choose one kind that you like from your skirt, but keep in mind not to have too many details. If you need the one that fits your body shape perfectly, you can also ask a fashin expert or a well-known fashion blogger.

If you are looking for some ways regarding how to look taller with mini skirt, you have found the right article with (hopefully) useful tips already.