The Differences Between Decals and Stickers

The Differences Between Decals and Stickers

Running a decals business or stickers business can be so promising. Lots of organizations and companies need the sticker printing service to promote their products. Not only that, a sticker can also serve a function as a help to any campaign or just blatantly express people’s feeling. Unfortunately, some people are still not able to tell the differences between decals and stickers. There they are.

What are the differences between decals and stickers?

1. Stickers

Stickers are adhesive labels that generally come in two kinds of characteristics, the heavy duty one and the low duty one. The low duty sticker can be found with rather low price printed in inks that can diffuse easier as the time goes. It is mainly pasted as the cutting sticker in school walls, power pole, around the building debris, and other public sites. Even though the sticker printing quality is quite low, this kind of sticker is economical for a short run promotion or campaign. For example, if you are promoting one specific product around Christmas, you can use this kind of customised sticker to reduce significant amount of cost.

The other characteristic is the high duty sticker. You can easily get this kind of sticker from some sticker printing Singapore services. The heavy duty one is usually called the bumper sticker that survives well in outdoors and have better longevity than the low duty customised sticker. The main material from this sticker is also special, it is made from polyester or vinyl that is waterproof and do not let the ink diffuse quicker.

2. Decals

Even though the decals look kind of similar with the cutting sticker, it is still distinctive once you take a careful look on it. Decal is widely used as the more decorative type of design and the shorter word is originated from the word “decalcomania???. What makes it a bit different from common customised sticker is, you need to remove the thin masking sheet when pasting it to a media meanwhile for the sticker, you just need to paste it in one go. Decals can also be made as water-slide ceramic that may be pasted altogether with ceramic and tile uses. To get the decals as your choice, you may contact a sticker printing Singapore vendor because many of them do not only provide stickers but the decals as well. Consult the design that will meet your expectation with the vendor first.

With those brief descriptions of stickers and decals, it would not be so hard anymore to tell the differences between decals and stickers. No more worry on mistaking those kinds for your own good.