Types of Tote Bag that You Can Use Daily

Types of Tote Bag that You Can Use Daily


There are several types of tote bag that you can use daily with attractive design as these bags come in variety. The materials are various and drawstring bag has many functions as well, so we need to check out the tote bag printing material types and categories.

Types of Tote Bags Materials

• Polyester

This is the most common material that is used to make drawstring bag Singapore as clothing and products are mostly produced by this kind of synthetic compound. The reason why this material is one of the most favorites is because of its durability. Even the tote bag Singapore usually uses this material for carpets, bottles, ropes, and shirts aside from bags as it is water-resistant, stain-resistant and durable.

• Canvas/Cotton

Canvas bag is also popular and this kind of totes is known to be made from organic, natural fiber that is known to be from recycled or traditional cotton even though canvas can also be made of linen or hemp just like some drawstring bag Singapore or tote bag Singapore manufacturers do. More people seem interestingly using the shopping and plastic bags because the availability of canvas bags as more products can generally be held.

• Calico Cotton

Calico has the same meaning as muslin, it is just you call it calico in the United States, but in UK you call it muslin. The tote bag is made of cotton that is not fully processed and unbleached and you can call it as a plain-woven material textile instead. The totes from this material would be durable and strong, but when using hot water to wash them, it shrinks. The drawstring bag like this will be more environmentally friendly as well.

Categories of Tote Bags

• Luxury

The luxury tote bag will usually be made with leather as its material. It is different from any other usual tote bag printing as it is more luxurious with tassels, buckles, embellishments, and other varied compartments that will be more suitable to be worn for formal events as it is not a common canvas bag that is used for shopping.

• Beach

Beach tote bag Singapore and even its drawstrings will be more spacious that can withstand the sand and heat as it is suitable to be brought to the beach. The tote bag printing for beach usually has a simple design, but the colors are available in wide options along with the bright-hued patterns. Any toiletries, sunglasses, sunscreen or even towels can be brought when you go to the beach with the beach totes.

• Casual

The casual tote bags or drawstring bag can be used when you are on your date or any casual events which fit everyone. The designs of the drawstring bag Singapore are also varied along with the illustrations and colors. You do not want to miss out this canvas bag for sure.