Baseball Cap, A Timeless Summer Item You Need to Own

Baseball Cap, A Timeless Summer Item You Need to Own - No need wasting time to argue, baseball caps are very renowned among us, even in Indonesia where baseball is rarely played. But, their model and design are useful and universal for all people to wear.

Every year, the sporty trend will always embrace baseball caps as one of them. You can get a sporty look while still chic and stylish. Baseball caps have also been spotted on the streets. Needless to say, baseball caps are one everlasting trend for every season, both in winter and summer.

Baseball Cap, A Timeless Summer Item You Need to Own

We have some advantages when wearing this kind of cap. While the main function is to cover us from sunshine and sometimes becomes identity, we could also use it to:

  1. Cover up a bad hair day. Wind can be so cruel and makes you hairstyle messed up. Just take a cap, put it on and problem solved. For bald people, it is used to hide the baldness.
  2. Add a more masculine touch to your outfit. We have to admit, it is associated with boys than girls. Thus, if you are a girl and wear it, some will call you a tomboy.
  3. Stay super-comfortable during the day. Protecting our face and hair from sunshine means we will not sweat easily during activities.
  4. The various models, from classic caps to leather caps, are flawless to complete your outfit. The caps will prompt an edgier look.

If you’re actually a sports club fan, then embroidering the logo on your cap might be a helpful thing to start a conversation. You never know when you will meet a cute guy or nice girl. But, by wearing a cap which shows one of your preferences, will be an advantage because people spot on what your interest is.

It is not only about baseball fans, by the way. In Indonesia, we have more football and basketball fans in Indonesia, especially in five European elite leagues and NBA. Therefore, it is easier to find baseball caps which don’t have baseball club logo around here.

Next, the wearer’s age is not a hurdle. Any age can wear this cap. Musicians also wear them, whether in the concerts or video clips. And, the fans follow this as they want to imitate what their idols wear.

As additions, we think this cap is perfect for keeping the sun off the skin, hiding the signs of late-night parties and a great selfie property. Those multiple functions make it one of the ageless and timeless fashion apparels to wear. You can have your own design baseball cap here!