Design Your Print T-shirt with Professional Ways

Design Your Print T-shirt with Professional Ways

If you want to start to build your print t-shirt then you need to take your time and ideas to make the right one that will attract people buying your product plus become your loyal customers. The process is quite difficult of course and thus you need to take your time to read these tips of how to design your print tshirt professionally.


How to Design Your Print T-shirt Professionally

Here are 10 tips of how you can design your custom print t-shirt professionally:

  1. Explore your concept by taking your time. You cannot get the right concept in just one moment; you need to spend well, much time to think about your shirt concept over and over again. You can walk around your neighborhood to get some inspirations, eat, then seat on the bench while do brainstorming on your own.
  2. 2. Imagine your print tshirt design. Your printed tshirt will have different feeling on both the screen and print thus you cannot only depend on your computer screen to imagine the design. You need to print it out and better make a mock up on a photo of model. Another way is to print the designed tshirt then place it on actual shirt.
  3. 3. Detailed your design but keep it simple. Most people like detailed design on print tshirt, they appreaciated it. However, some of classic designs like to make things simple including the design and you can also following this step by making your t-shirt design simple but still can successfully send the message to the audience. For example, you can make a design in the middle since it is the simplest custom print t-shirt design.
  4. Target your customer. You should decide your market by targeting your customers. For whom you want to design and print your t-shirt? Old or young people and women or men? You need to match the style of your print tshirt with your targeted audience.
  5. Keep the humour subtle. If you want to design your shirt with some joke or art jokes then please make it subtle because you do not want your products to look like a low cost joke or cheap print t-shirt, right? There are many famous t-shirt design with jokes, but they still keep it subtle.
  6. Choosing the colors. Of course colors are one of the most essential elements when making a print tshirt. You need to match the color with your design and make sure that the color does not make your design covered or unclear to be seen. Next, the color of your t-shirt on computer screen will be different when you print it out later, so wisely take a sample by print the design result first before you really print out the shirt and sell it.
  7. Prepare the artwork properly. Please make sure that you know what kind of print tshirt that you want to print with the machine. Moreover, you need to expand strokes or outline any texts for great outcome. Depending on what software and machine you use to print the shirt, there are lots of tutorials to do the artwork properly.
  8. Pick a high quality printer. No matter how good or great your tshirt design is, if you use a low quality printer then it will be not working. That’s why it is important to take your time decide what kind of printer you want to use, what kind of brand, as well as whether the printer will result in a good outcome for your designed t-shirt. Remember that the sizes, the weight, labeling options will affect the end product. It is okay to spend your time to choose the right printer.
  9. Inspiration and get educated. You need to understand t-shirt trend so you will know what kind of print tshirt that people will love. You can look for tshirt design from time to time, get educated and better understanding for such thing will surely help you with your inspiration.
  10. Follow the trend. You need to follow the trend of course so people will look your brand and buying the products. Follow the trends it does not mean you copy them because the chances are big when you just seen the shirt, other designers are already made the new one. Be creative!

These 10 tips hopefully will help you make a great personalized print t-shirt to be offered. Enjoy it!