The Secret Fabric Materials Behind The Dolls World

The Secret Fabric Materials Behind The Dolls World - Puppets, dolls, figurines, or whatever you call them, are mostly nice and produced to please kids and adults, sometimes they are used for stage performance. Although we have Chucky for the eerie sample the most available stock in the market have cute, beautiful and adorable design and models to possess.

Let’s do a flashback. The initial recognized dolls go back to the ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The use of dolls as toys was recorded in Greece around 100 AD. It was made of clay and wood. As for the modern doll, the roots are in Germany. It started from the 15th century. The invention of new materials makes them mass-produced. At present, dolls became increasingly famous for collectables stuff.

The Fabric Materials Behind The Dolls World

Back to present day, children are always around. Therefore, it is a big chance for us to go and give it a try. The market is there, and rising without little chance to slide. We have some notes about materials that are used to produce dolls. Choose it cautiously as they will determine the quality.

  1. Veltboa Fabric. It is the cheapest material than the other. The fur is short and has soft characteristics, thus, it is safe for babies or infants who love to chew dolls. People like to use it because easy to get and has various colours. We can also use it for dolls’ mattress and sofa.
  2. Rasfur. Most bear dolls use it as material, long fur, soft and towel like. It is more expensive than the others. The price depends on the fur length, the longer fur means higher price. Rasfur is not only for dolls but also for dolls mattress and carpet. For a better quality, you should consider imported Rasfur.
  3. Yelvo Fabric. It has short fur and looks like Veltboa if you don’t pay more attention. The different is, Yelvo fabric is sifter than Veltboa, and it costs you more than Veltboa. Yelvo fabric is usually found in imported dolls because of its price. As an additional information, Yelvo is more difficult to be sewed because of its flexibility.
  4. Snail fabric. It is included in rasfur material, but has a different texture. In snail fabric, there are rose-like patterns. It also has soft and smooth texture. It is rarely used because the colours are limited. There is only one who always utilizes it, Hello Kitty Pillows.
  5. Last, we have Nylex, which has the shortest fur and also the cheapest option on hand. The rough and warm texture makes people use it for a few dolls like Mickey Minnie, Dora, Upin-Ipin.

Those are the materials for producing dolls. You can do a simple research to pick the right one for you. Happy hunting!