Draitex Fabric Material A Concise Summary! Read this Article

Draitex Fabric Material A Concise Summary! Read this Article

custom.sg - Garment industries are an everlasting business. We’ve already acknowledged if the human is always growing and need clothes to wear. The different size, age, models, colour and function make endless garments’ demand.

The fabric has various types with its own pros and cons. We have Draitex as one example. Draitex is made of cotton, silk and synthetic fibres. This blend produces a real soft side and almost transparent fabric. Its texture is a little bit wavy and it follows the body contour.

Draitex Fabric Material: A Concise Summary

Therefore, Draitex is not a recommended dress material for big people to wear. Some people who have it say that its temperature is rather hot. It fits perfectly for kimonos and cardigans.
The advantages of Draitex is providing elegant and stylish outfit. Usually, Draitex is used for a custom loose tank top, custom dress, blouse, custom scarf or even hoodies. Tank top or sleeveless dress becomes a favourite women outfit in the summer. Other than Draitex, we also have several fabrics for clothing. They are:

As you can notice, we have a lot of fabric types. Every type of fabric has its pros and cons, be wise to pick one.