Types of Pillow You May Have Not Know

Types of Pillow You May Have Not Know


All pillows may look the same to you, they are the fluffy and soft items to get you your comfortable sleep every night. Truthfully, other than just being your head’s peaceful cushion, there are some types of pillow that you need to recognize. This will help you later when you are choosing a pillow case or a pillow cover that suit the pillow type you own.


Types of pillow to choose proper pillow case

  1. Orthopedic pillow. Orthopedic pillow is actually widely known as a neck cushion. You may have owned this kind in your car for long trips or rides. It generally provides a deep area for your head to rest comfortably and keep your neck in the right alignment, so that it will not be displaced and disturb your sleep. You may experience a neck muscle soreness later if you do not use this kind of pillow or other pillows with almost similar function when you are in a deep slumber during the ride. Unfortunately, some kinds of this pillow do not have nice pillow cover that meets your preference. Do not worry as you can always get one that you can design due to your own liking from a customized pillow Singapore store or a cushion cover Singapore store. If you can not design the one that meets your expectation, some of them also provide a designing service for your pillow case.
  2. Beds pillow. The beds pillows are the common ones used by a family. Its general shape is square and usually comes in three sizes, the King as the largest in size, the Queen as the medium in size, meanwhile the Standard is the smallest. You may be asked what size your beds pillows are when you decide to buy a pillow cover, so it is important to know the difference of these three. In the market, there are so many pillow case sellers that sell the customized pillow choices. You can choose one of them that is suitable to your bed cover color and the bed cover sets even include pillow cases in the set.
  3. Decorative cushions. Decorative cushions actually serve the other purpose than only become the head cushion. This kind of pillows are also deliberately put to decorate the bed and the overall bedroom. It can be a bit tricky to choose the cushion cover to this pillow as it is already good but itself. However, you can still get your suitable customized pillow case from the ones that are expert in this case, such as customized pillow Singapore and cushion cover Singapore manufacturers.

Now that you already know several types of pillows, you can get your proper pillow case easily. Do get a customized pillow case to add up a plus value to your room decoration.