Types of Pillow Covers and How to Make Them

Types of Pillow Covers and How to Make Them


This article will give you a limelight of several type of pillow covers or pillow cases and how to make them in brief yet short descriptions. If you are going to run this kind of cushion cover business, this article may help. However, you can always learn from the experts, for example from the customized pillow Singapore and the cushion cover Singapore vendors.


Some types of pillow covers

1. Zippered Pillow Case

You can always add a zipper to a pillow case, do not worry of the ease on removing the insert to wash the cover because it will still let you to do that kind of thing easily. This kind of pillow cover generally uses the polyester coil zipper to get the best result. A tip on making a zippered customized pillow cover is to use a zipper with the exact length or just a bit longer than the opening of the pillow. The brief description on making the zippered pillow case is like this:

• First, you need to add a bit allowance to the length and height of the pillow insert.

• Make about 3 inches marks from left and right side to be sewed later to make the space on installing the zipper.

• Once the zipper is installed already on your cushion cover, flip the zipper pull up to maket it easily move while you are sewing the cover.

To learn the details of making this kind of pillow case easily, you can learn from the products that the customized pillow Singapore and the cushion cover Singapore vendors made.

2. Slipstitched Pillow Case

This type of customized pillow cover has the cover closed with almost invisible seam after you insert the physical pillows. Unfortunately, this type is only better for pillows that do not require to be washed for a long time because the closure of the cushion cover is permanent. But you do not need to worry as you can always dry clean your pillows this way, especially if your cushion is made from delicate yet sensitive material such as silk. This is the short description to make this pillow type. You will need to create extra edge allowance on the pillow cover, sew it with the sewing machine to make the seams then in the end, you will need to slipstitch the opening shut of the cushion cover to close it permanently. To learn this type of pillow in details, you will need to see the pillow covers that cushion cover Singapore and the customized pillow Singapore vendors create.

All in all, it is highly beneficial for you to learn these few different kinds of pillow covers. You can consider on coursing to make ones if you are about to run the pillow cover business.