Picking the Best Skirt For Your Body Type

Picking the Best Skirt For Your Body Type


Finding the best skirt that fits a woman’s body type can be so intriguing. The wrong choice can lead you to no self confidence or even worce, become the public’s judgement object. This article reviews several kinds of this lower outfit, from long skirt to mini skirt that you can pick as your suitable fashion item.


Finding the skirt that suits your body tipe

  1. Mini skirts. Mini skirt can actually be the best item to show off your long legs. However, some people are not confident enough while using this kind of outfit that they keep tugging it and look so discouraged afterward. There are some important keys on using miniskirt. First, make sure you are self-confident enough, either to show your bare legs or just want to look different. Second, as much as possible emphasize the patterns, colors, or accesories of your upper outfits. For example, you can use monochrome printed skirt with pastel colored shirt and big cute necklace.
  2. Maxi skirt. If you do not like any short skirt or miniskirt to be worn, you can challenge yourself to use a maxi skirt. Unfortunately, not all body tipe is suitable with this kind of skirt. The majority of tall women with long legs can pull of the effortless look using a maxi printed skirt meanwhile the other will seem to try so hard. The tip to find the most suitable maxi skirt when you don’t like your skirt shorts is to try any types of it in front of the mirror. You can also get your authentic printed skirt by designing it by yourself and ask a skirt printing service to make one for you. You will get one unique style of you at the end!
  3. Midi length skirts. If you do not feel like confident enough to use mini skirt and feel short enough to use the maxi skirt, you can pull of your look by using the midi length skirt. However, some said that it is a bit tricky to combine this type of skirt with any other outfit items. If you are using the patterned maxi skirt, try to use long-sleeve shirt as the upper item. It can be a good and refreshing alternative from your short skirt collections. Do not forget to add some matching accessories like a gemstone necklace and a formal metallic clutchbag. With all of these combined, the semi formal style is yours, definitely.

Those are the tips on finding the best skirt for your body type. Whatever you choose, wear it with your fullest confidence. Remember, you are always ready to roll.