Types of Stickers Printing and How to Differentiate Them

Types of Stickers Printing and How to Differentiate Them


There are many ways of your sticker printing, the difference in speed, the difference in materials used, the difference in the process, and so on. If you consider to run this type of business (running the customised stickers business), it will be highly beneficial to know those differences. This article lists some kinds of stickers that you need to know in order to differentiate.

Here are the types of stickers printings

1. Offset printing

The first sticker printing type to be analyzed is offset printing. In offset printing, an image designed for a sticker transfers from a rubber cylinder or a plate cylinder. In this type, you will get to use 4 inks color for the stickers, the CMYK ones (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) meanwhile there are a few types who will not let you). The benefit you can get from this type is, this type enables you the higher flexibility in color choices for your customised sticker. It will also give you a high quality color of the sticker and often related with the lithograph printing area. You can get the example from this kind of sticker from many sticker printing Singapore vendors.

2. Letterpress

Letterpress is also widely known as a relief printing where the image of the stickers comes from a raised media or surface. To help you imagine more easily, letterpress printing can be visualized as the sticker stock being pressed by the particular ink. It generally uses only one color unlike the offset printing type. This kind of printing will produce you a cutting sticker that you can use in some simple projects, for example a aticker with your plain name on it. Almost all of the sticker printing Singapore vendors also provide this kind of printing to you.

3. Digital printing

Digital printing is one type of advanced printing that will even enable you to make minor changes just before you print the sticker physically. This is the widely used type cutting sticker or customised sticker by the big and small companies or even the political parties to promote their products and party. The high advantage you can earn from this type is, you can make any adjustment while necessary so it will not need you to have a master file. Unfortunately, this also results in the low quantity of produced stickers, less than 500 units to be more exact. You can also get this kind of sticker from so many sticker printing Singapore services.

Those are several types of stickers printing that you need to master before running that kind of business. We hope that this will help you even just a little bit.