Do and Dont’s When Making Customised Stickers

Do and Dont’s When Making Customised Stickers

Making a well-customised sticker does not always depend only on your design. The sticker printing company must also be good enough to produce the ones that meet your original expectations. Anyway, this lists the do’s and dont’s when you consider on making your own customised sickers. Check these out.

Do’s and dont’s on making customised stickers.

1. The Do’s

Let’s list the do’s first. You need to do the brainstorming to decide what kind of design you are bringing from your stickers later. This includes the market segment you are targetting, the size of your going to be designed sticker, the main colors you want to exist from your customised stickers, and so on. To meet the exact market preferences, you can conduct a deep reasearch first on your target market to find out whether they want the cutting sticker or not, the customised sticker or just as it is stickers, etc. After that, you can safely contact your sticker printing vendor to print the design of the sticker you have made.

There are also some considerations when designing your stickers. For an artwork with many colors needed, use the CMYK color format on your images. To get this through, you can do it from some image-editing softwares like Photoshop or Illustrator. Keep in mind as well that the background image will cover the majority of your sticker surface, so it is highly recommended to use strokes to emphasize some parts of the design, especially if you are planning to make cutting sticker. Some sticker printing Singapore services even provide the designing service that you can instantly choose out of so many choices. All in all, do the mentioned things above before deciding on priting your stickers.

2. The Dont’s

If you are not designing the stickers by your own or demanding the sticker printing services to do the design, never give the low resolution base pictures to them. It will pixellate at the end and make your sticker look so terrible. Otherwise, use the pictures with high quality that is clear enough even though it is stretched for many times. The other thing you must not do at all is rushing off your design. Remember, no sincere design comes from a rushing mind. Make your own reasonable working timeline and keep yourself relaxed when you are doing the design, especially the one for cutting sticker. You can also learn the way sticker printing Singapore vendors work while doing the design.

Do the do’s and avoid the dont’s if you want your customised stickers to be successful. If you are about to sell it to gain profit, keep in mind to meet your target customer preferences in design.