Why We Should Use Reusable Grocery Tote Bag

Why We Should Use Reusable Grocery Tote Bag


Our earth is getting sicker these days as stated by many environmental activists. However, even though some fashion items may damage the earth especially the ones made from plastics, it does not mean that we can not buy any more fashion items. For example, we can still use reusable grocery tote bag or drawstring bag that still looks so fashionable. This article lists some reason on why we should use reusable grocery tote bag.

Why Should We Use Reusable Grocery Tote Bag?

1. A source said that less or more than 1 million birds die each year after digesting the plastic bags left in the sea and beach. The same thing happen to thousands of turtles that digest these plastic bags. This makes reusable bag is much more needed. However, some people do not like the design of reusable bag. This is actually a good business opportunity to totes producers because they can still make reusable tote bag and drawstring bag that almost has some characteristic with the other canvas bags. A fashionable item with edgy material indeed.

2. The other reason for you to replace your plastic bag with reusable drawstring bag is because the majority of plastic bags take at least 15 years to decompose. Even worse, it can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Nowadays, besides producing reusable canvas bag, some drawstring bag Singapore manufacturers even use the soy ink for the tote bag printing. Soy ink is not dangerous to nature, especially soil because it does not contain high chemical substances like the usual kinds of ink. This soy ink can also be found anywhere easily now. A good move indeed from drawstring bag Singapore manufacturers.

3. To produce about 100 billion plastic bags each year that many Americans use, at least 12 million barrels of oil is needed, another reason for you to stop using plastic bags. As an alternative, you can use the canvas bag or other kinds of totes to bring your items when you go shopping or when you need to bring extra items outside of your bags. Do not worry, canvas bag, especially the ones produced by drawstring bag Singapore manufacturers are strong and rigid enough to bring some heavy little things. The totes are now even available in so many choices of tote bag printing that you can choose do to your own preferences. Choose the one that defines you best.

To love the environment, you do not need to force other people to change before you yourself change. Start changing by using reusable grocery totebag.