How to Sew Tote Bag: Step by Step You Can Follow Easily

How to Sew Tote Bag: Step by Step You Can Follow Easily

Selling tote bag or drawstring bag can be a promising business, based on the design and quality you provide to your market. Before doing the business with this canvas bag as material, you can learn how to sew a nice tote bag first from this article. Here are the steps you may need to follow.

Sewing a Nice and Valuable Tote Bag

1. Prepare your needed material for making totes first, for example a canvas bag. Wash the material first, then iron it so that it would be much neater to be sewed. Keep in mind to always choose the smooth and thick materials, you can get the vendor informations from tote bag Singapore or drawstring bag Singapore makers. Do not be discouraged to ask about this, especially if you are still new with this business. As for the design, you can also do the benchmark on other tote bag Singapore companies or other drawstring bag Singapore makers.

2. Mark the material or fabric with a pencil or marker to make a pattern before cutting it out. For the main size, you can measure two 14-inch high and 10-inch wide rectangles as a size for your tote bag or drawstring bag. Finally, you can cut it out with the marked lines as the guides.

3. Make the strips of your totes. To make these strips, first of all you need to draw two 20-inch wide and 4-inch wide strips. Cut it out neatly afterward to produce high quality canvas bag.

4. Fold the work in progress over and iron ¼ inch of the material at the shortest side from each rectangle shapes. Repeat this step for the shortest side with difference in size, the second is 1 inch large.

5. Pin the rectangle shapes of your totes altogether and make it so until the right sides facing and leave the edge with folds made unpinned. After that, sew your totes with the pins, leave a 5/8-inch allowance on the three sides. Both ends must be back-stitched and do not forget to pivot the material when you have reached the corner.

6. After that, the bottom corners of the rectangles must be clipped near to the stitch and then the tote bag must be flipped inside out.

7. Take the strips out. Fold the strips in half size of its length then tuck the drawstring bag strips toward the center of the bag folds. Press it to make it firmer.

8. The edges of the strips must be pinned altogether and be sewed in half size of its lengts. Make sure you just make the ¼ inch distance from the edge to result in 1 ½ inch-wide straps.

9. The final step is, you need to pin 1 inch of every strip end to the bag and make sure you make about 6 inch distance of them. Do the previously stated step for each step and sew them on the bag. Your tote bag is ready to be sold.

Those are the steps you may need to follow to create valuable tote bag like the ones tote bag Singapore and drawtring bag Singapore makers make. Now you can run your own tote bag business.