Snapback Attack How This Hip-hop Hat Regain Its Popularity

Snapback Attack How This Hip-hop Hat Regain Its Popularity - When we discuss hats, there are countless models and designs swinging in our mind. It starts from flat caps, trucker hats, and also bucket hats, tennis hat, the list goes on. So many types until we are bemused to choose one of them.

Here, we’ll discuss snapbacks. In a simple sense, a snapback is a hat which has snap in the back. The snap is adjustable based on our head size. The snap may use Velcro, zipper strip or plastic adjuster, so everyone can adjust it, even children.

Snapback Attack: How This Hip-hop Hat Regain Its Popularity

Back to the old days; snapbacks started to become fashion accessories, particularly in the United States, in 1980’s. They were worn by baseball fans, baseball players and also some artist. Fast forward; all levels of people love to wear the snapback. Then, celebrities also boost their popularity by wearing them in concerts, awards and leisure time.

For baseball fans, it becomes an identity. A club logo is embroidered in front, and they can customize it by adding their name or favourite number. I see some rappers add pins or metal accessories on it. It’s pretty cool.

The flexibility of snapback is really high. We can’t divide them based on sex. Both male and female can wear any models. Even there are some exceptions, like pink snapbacks, or princess themed. They are for girls, no doubt about it.

Due to the needs of covering eyes from sunshine, snapbacks take their market fast. Next, the front side is exposed perfectly for people to see. Therefore, some factories, political parties, bands or even community, like to use them as marketing tools.

I know some big companies give them for free. When we wear the cap and go somewhere, abroad maybe, we become an active and mobile ad. They are lucky if a TV station take a shot at us and the logo appeared on TV. It will cost them a reduced amount than hiring a superstar as their brand ambassador, expend less, and get more.

In a politic year like 2018, we will see political parties’ marketing tools everywhere, like shirts, flags, stickers, jackets, pins and also hats. They try to make people memorize the party by flooding them with accessories which show the logo.

For a new party, extra efforts are needed to compete with an older party. They can’t just embroider the party logo on the cap because it is outdated. Therefore, creativity takes a big role to win the general election next year. Prepare for their attacks! 

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