Fact: Celebrities Wearing Hat Gain Popularity Faster

Fact: Celebrities Wearing Hat Gain Popularity Faster

custom.sg - We often have difficulties to differentiate between the trucker hat and baseball cap. They have a similar front line. But, actually, they are different. We have some notes about their differences.
• Material. Trucker hats material for front stuff is from foam. The advantage, it is good for our hair air circulation as it is breathable.
• The height. Because of the foam size, we have a different height from the most baseball cap.

Fact: Celebrities Wearing Hat Gain Popularity Faster

Trucker hats have a tool to adjust the size easily. It is a plastic feature or hook-and-loop tool on the back side. This design was made to protect from sunshine or hot weather and makes the wearer feels cosy. Forget the age; it can be worn by kids, teenagers or adults with countless designs available in the market.

A trucker hat can also be used as the identity. People tend to have idols, whether a sports club, athlete, company, brand or even celebrities. They embroider club logos, bands, athlete name, and factory name or artist face in front of the hat to show their preference. As far as I know, some celebrities love to wear trucker hats. Thus, their popularity is spreading fast.

When you consider that people are growing in number, it is a chance to start a business. You can do your trucker hat business based on some conditions.
• Creativity. This is the most important thing you should have in the tank. The sense of business can be trained. At first, you can copy your competitor style and design with some modification and additional feature. Then, you need to start your own style.
• Quality. Be brave to release an above average price. The quality you offer will be a massive value. In the beginning, they may feel your product is more expensive and choose the others.

As soon as they realize the price is in line with quality, I am sure they will choose yours over the others’. Logically, they will save more money if the quality is better. For example, you have a five dollars trucker hat compared to 15 dollars trucker hat. After a while, the former lasts for three months, and the latter lasts for 2 years. Do the math yourself.

The last thing I need to tell is, you have to be very cautious, fast thinking and really nail the trends. If you have artists to endorse your product, it will be much, much better. Why? In this way, you will not follow a trend, you make it. See the difference?

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