Historical Development of The Slipper Sandal Materials

Historical Development of The Slipper Sandal Materials

custom.sg - For centuries, the human has been worn slippers. The material started from leather and developed to artificial like PU leather. In general, slippers are light foot wears which are easy to put on and take off. We tend to use slippers indoors and outdoors, in a different kind of course. Basically, we wear slippers to protect our feet from dirt and harmful objects like nail, mud.

Slippers are more practical than shoes. When we wear shoes, we need to wear socks to make it look neat and tidy. In addition, slippers are lighter than shoes. But, do you know that we have different slippers material in the world other than leather?

Historical Development of Slipper Materials

We have slippers from wood. Our neighbour country, Indonesia, has plenty of woods and it makes people create things from them. The advantage of wooden slippers is: they are safe to be worn on slippery floors. Then, it has eco-friendly advantages. Woods are easy to be recycled, or it will end as firewood used for cooking.

Then, people develop their function. They create reflexology slippers from wood. The models are designed to have pointed part, based on reflexology to make the wearers get a better health state. At first, I must admit that they hurt my feet. Then, after a few days, I can feel the improvement of my body condition. Believe me, it works. Yes, the only problem is the beginning.

After wood, we have lather. This is the oldest material to make slippers. Indians wear this for hunting and travel. Don’t think about complicated models, they just cover the feet, and add some stitches.

Now, we have designers to create millions of models. Every generation has its own models. Leather is the favorite material because of their flexibility and quality. Even the leather has its own level, for example, crocodile, cows, sheep etc. the weakness of leather is when they have to deal with water.

As people need stronger material, they find synthetic to fill their need. Like plastic, we can make any design we want because of its flexibility. Another advantage for synthetic material is, we can recycle them, and make new things from that.

You don’t need to be confused to choose one of them. Just think about the goal when you get one. If it is for style, find the trends. If you concern with the function, take a model and color which you think will last longer. One thing you should remember, quality comes with price. Wanna create your own design slipper? Print with us!