3 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Pencil Case

3 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Pencil Case

custom.sg - A pencil case, some called it a pencil box, is a container mainly used to keep our small stuff safe and in order. It also contains a variety of other stationeries such as sharpeners, pens, glue sticks, erasers, scissors and rulers. Therefore, for the lower level student like kindergarten up to senior high school, pencil cases are the very important thing to carry.

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Pencil Case

The various kinds of cases available in the market may make you feel confused to get one. Don’t worry, we’ll help you here. Before you go to stationery and bring the right one home, you need to consider these things:

  1. Design and Color. You pick your choice based on the character. If for boys, you need to go for brave colour and design. For example, superheroes like Flash, Thor, Iron Man will make them happier than Frozen themed cases. As for girls, yeah, you know what I mean; girl stuff is dominated by pink and girly design. We have Mermaid, Frozen, Disney Princess themed cases. Manga is also a choice for you. Some like button and the other prefer to have a magnetic clip.
  2. Size. It depends on what will you use it for. The more stuff you have to keep, the bigger size you need. Remember, as it should be portable enough for you to bring, you can try it to put it in your bag while you load it fully. Bigger size pencil case means wider space and also heavier burden.
  3. Price. As we always say to our clients, quality domes with the price. It means, to get a good case, you need to spend more. You may think that cheap price will benefit you. Let me tell you this, when you decide to take cheap option, you will realize that you waste your money. Cheap stuff will not last long. In two or three months, it will start to fade, even the pic disappeared. Meanwhile, you can add some bucks, and you will have a case which lasts for more than two years, with the same usage, I mean. In short, it is far better to spend 20 dollars for 2 years, than 5 dollars every three months. Does it sound logic right? What do you think?

In any case, whatever your choice is, the basic function must be fulfilled and the quality should be your first priority. In custom.sg, you can create your own design pencil case.