Koko Shirt, A Versatile Shirt For Many Occasions

Koko Shirt, A Versatile Shirt For Many Occasions

custom.sg - 15% of Singaporean are Muslim. Thus, you can find tons of Muslim wear available on the market. Clothes factories flood the market primarily in Aidil Fitri, where people like to wear new dresses to celebrate the special occasion.

In general, the kinds of Muslim suits can be divided into two types, female and males. Obviously, we have some smaller categories like kids, teens, and adult, but they are not really significant.

Females are famous for the veil (hijab), long sleeves dress which covered all but face and waist. In Indonesia particularly, males are known for Koko shirt and sarong, together with a prayer cap as an accessory. This also seen on Malaysia with some differences.

Koko Shirt, A Versatile Shirt For Many Occasions

Today, we will discuss Koko shirt. Yes, you are right; it is a shirt for males to pray. No worry, next we will discuss the others. Here are some values when you want to get it.

First, it should cover the body perfectly as prophet Muhammad showed. Basically, it needs to hide from knees to belly button. But, you should consider some things else like politeness to Al-Mighty.

Second, the Koko shirt should cover your skin flawlessly. You are not allowed to wear Koko shirt made of transparent fabric, so the forbidden part or skin still exposed. A see-through dress is similar to undressed.

The last but not least, it is related to individual desires and fund, to be honest. As people tend to be fashionable, the models are countless. But, you need to consider your dollar. Prophet Muhammad suggested his followers live in a simple and humble way. Therefore, you need to be very wise in buying them. For example, if you spend more than 2 million for a shirt, it is just too much. How could you buy it, when you see around you, there are people who have difficulties to get their meal? There are orphanages who even can’t afford to buy daily clothes.

The trends are changing but those principles will last forever. We can catch new design, combination. For example, batik is inserted as one of Koko shirt design. Another time, we discover Dayak motif becomes a trend. When the day comes, just remember, even when people pray, they need to be fashionable. Above all, it is because they need to visit each other on that day.

As an addition, whatever Koko shirt you pick, you have to own at least one white Koko shirt. It is a very practical and easy to mix and match the dress. It really fits with both dark and clear coloured suits. Do you want to collect koko shirt? Print with us!