Batik Pattern Elevates The Aesthetic Value of Every Item

Batik Pattern Elevates The Aesthetic Value of Every Item - Batik is one of the Indonesian heritage. We realize that batik is well-known around the globe. On October 2nd, 2009, batik was acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage. It makes us, Indonesians, even prouder.

Batik, as a shirt, was worn as a formal dress for royal families and particular people. The price is also unreachable for middle to low-class people. But now, we can find batik everywhere and worn by many people. The various motif and designs make it very flexible to match with.

Batik Pattern Elevates The Aesthetic Value of Every Item

Nowadays, unlike old days, batik is not only about the shirt, especially formal shirt. There are people who develop batik for other dresses and become famous easily because of social media. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. T-shirts, polo shirt. Who doesn’t like a T-shirt? It’s the most popular casual suit for every age. These are favourite clothes for most of us. For polo shirts, they can be worn as the casual and semi-formal occasion. Therefore, some designers produce a lot of them, include batik T-shirts. The design even used to attract football fans. Football supporters in Indonesia are millions, whether they support the domestic club or foreign club.
    The wide market inspires sellers to produce batik shirt or T-shirt with club logo printed on it. If you have spare time, just try to go to Yogyakarta, you will find them easily. The brands also have their own speciality. As T-shirts are ageless, fashion designer creates some models for kids and teenagers.
  2. Jackets/sweaters. Indonesia has two seasons, wet and dry. It influences the way they dress. The examples of the dresses are jackets and sweaters. Jackets and sweaters usually were worn at a cold temperature. But, we can also wear a jacket as a protection from sunshine. Thus, people begin to produce batik jackets and sweaters.
  3. Pants. The pants are not formal, as it is made from thin fabric. It is certainly sold in Yogyakarta. You can choose dark over bright colours or vice versa.
    In addition, batik is considered as a motif. Consequently, it is not only applied in suits. Some people are making new stuff from batik. Here are some samples of their creativity.
  4. Accessories. Try to go to a market, you will find wallet, purse, and handbag using batik motif. All we have to do is mix and match those accessories with our dress colour.
  5. Debit card. Last year, one of the banks in Indonesia released special edition debit card, celebrating National Batik Day. It followed by others and it is quite exclusive because only some people have it.

Wait, after our short chit-chat, let me ask you something. Do you have batik stuff at home? No? Wow, you’d better get one! Wanna create a batik shirt? Follow this link!