Tips on Choosing the Screen Printing Service for Your Jersey

Tips on Choosing the Screen Printing Service for Your Jersey

Jersey futsal is just one of our products that we offered to you, our dear customers. We provide the best jersey material for basketball, futsal, soccer, and many more. You can call our customer service in this page and then we can talk about what you like and how the design is. We also accept the order of designing and producing, but if you already have the design we will immediately produce it for you.

Since there are so many parties that provide the service of screen printing, you will be more easily to choose one of them. Of course, the main concern of screen printing is accommodating your need to have unique and different design for jersey and uniform. So, in this article we are going to give tips about choosing the service of screen printing. Check this out.

Identifying the types of t-shirt : You should know about what kind of t-shirt you want to use. It is better to consider about the material and how comfortable the fabric touches your skin. For sport uniform, people commonly use the jersey t-shirt. If you are not using jersey, you need to know about the other types of t-shirt anyway and make sure that the stock of the t-shirt is available in the service provider.

Make sure the amount and colors of t-shirts : When you want to order the customized jersey futsal or other t-shirts, you have to make sure about the amount and the colors. The prices depend on the design and how many colors you want to use. The more variations, the more expensive you should pay.

Choose the type of screen printing : There are several types of screen printing and these variations are showed due to the consumer requests. The types of screen printing are such as pigment screen printing, foam printing, and glow in the dark printing. But of course it should be adjusted with the material of t-shirt because certain t-shirt fabric could only accept certain kind of screen printing.

Choose the trusted and reliable provider : It is important to drop the order to the reliable and trusted provider. Make sure that they always give the best service as well as best quality for the customers. The provider’s quality will determine how your t-shirt will turn out. Well, you can look at our customer service contact in give us a call or send us an email for the best quality of jersey futsal.