How to Give Gradation Effect on Jersey Using Corel Draw

How to Give Gradation Effect on Jersey Using Corel Draw

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Well, since you want to design your own jersey, it is better if you know about application or software that commonly used for designing jersey costume or creating the other things that include creativity and imagination in the process. So, in this article we are going to talk about creating the gradation effect on your jersey design by using Corel Draw. You can also add ornament or motifs by using Corel Draw. The tools are pretty intuitive so you can use it right away without too much difficulty.

Open the plain layout : First of all you need to launch your Corel Draw and then open the plain layout of jersey or you can make it first. After that you can click on the layout display that will be added the gradation and then press F11 or Fontain Fill. There will be the Type tab that will show you several styles of gradation such as square, conical, radical, and linear. There you can explore what you like for the jersey futsal by choosing and changing. You can also choose about how many color you want to add for gradation. Just make sure that you choose the right ones.

Adding additional ornament : Well, after you get the gradation you like, you can add the ornament on the body of the jersey. It can be done by clipping the existing ornament or you can also make it from the start. It will be easier if you already have the existing motif or ornament.

Putting the name, number, and logo : The coloring and adding ornament should be finished first and then you can go to the next level which is putting the number, name, and logo. You have to choose font that representing your team. It is better to consider the purpose of the font and text. Bold and thick fonts are recommended for name and team name. But if you choose the fancy font, it is better to avoid the use of all capital alphabets.

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