Design Your Own Jersey: 4 Tips on Designing Amazing Uniform

Design Your Own Jersey: 4 Tips on Designing Amazing Uniform

Jersey futsal is one of the products that we offered to you, all dear customers. We provide the service in producing the jersey and uniform, and in other hand you can design your own jersey. We can talk about the best possible design and you can also decide about what you want, like the consultation.

Do you ever wonder to have amazing uniform or jersey for futsal and soccer? Well, sometimes you just want to have different and eye-catching jersey for your team. It is very possible for you to design your own uniform. And in this article we have several useful tips on designing an amazing jersey. Check this out.

Come with unique team name : Team name is the important stuff before designing the uniform for futsal team. It is better to make the unique and distinct team name. Well, it is not an easy thing to do but if you have different, unique, and distinct team name, people will easily remember about the team.

Choose the best color : There are plenty of colors in the color wheel. You cannot just choose black and white because you like it. The main key of choosing color is matching it with the persona and image of your team. It is fine to use mainstream colors such as black, navy, dark green, purple, red, and other mainstream colors as long as you pair it with stand-out color. Jersey futsal will look really good if it can stand-out and make statement.

Fonts : Well, there are so many kinds of font available in nowadays. It should be the great news for you because you can take advantage of this situation. In choosing the font for your uniform, you need to consider about how important the font for the jersey. If you need the font to show your name and number to all people in the stadium, you better choose the bold and thick font and vice versa.

Simplicity : In my opinion, the good design of jersey is the one with no crazy in here and there but it could make statement. It is better if you not put too much effort to design the shoulder part. Ribbing on the neck and arms with a little fancy look is highly not recommended. Two colors are enough for a jersey design and you can focus on the team name. Well, you can always order bag, skirt, t-shirt, and many things in our place as well as jersey futsal.