Design Your Own Jersey: 3 Tips on Designing the Good-Looking Uniform

Design Your Own Jersey: 3 Tips on Designing the Good-Looking Uniform

Jersey futsal, soccer, and football can be found on the nearby store or online shops. There are a lot of choices you can pick. And for your information, there are several classes of quality you need to know. So, if you find significant different prices but the jerseys are just the same, they are probably different in the class or quality. Starting from the original quality up to the super quality can be found in the market. But since you want to design your own uniform or jersey, you can order to our company anyway. You can decide your design and we will make it only for you.


Well, in this article we have several tips in designing jersey futsal and other sport uniform. Check this out.

Black and white : You probably like certain colors like black or white or others. But you should make sure that your uniform design should be different than the others. Most of uniform designs are staying in darker shade. The black and white thing can be applied for the outline of the lettering. Mix and match dark color with pop tones will be very interesting. Besides, it will make your costume looks different and has a statement.

Complement the whole design : As we all know, most people will choose black and white as the main concern on choosing the jersey color. Since there are plenty of colors in the color wheel, you need to find the other color that will complement your main color. In the design secret, you are allowed to choose more than one main color but you cannot choose more than three of them. So, it is better to pick three main colors that will complement the whole design without have to sacrificing the other aspect of the uniform.

Be bold and beautiful : If you want the jersey or uniform with name on it, you need to find the great and suitable font type for it. There are many options you can pick. If you want to make the name can be seen on the 50 feet away, you need to pick a font that has thicker and bolder shape. Do not play too much on the style because it is not the main purpose of the name tag on your back.

Well, regardless what kind of font and color you choose, you are always welcome to order and customizing the uniform as you like because we serve jersey futsal.