10 Tips to Wear Print Tshirt with Jeans

10 Tips to Wear Print Tshirt with Jeans


Print tshirt and jeans combo is the most common fashion style since it is very simple to wear and can go to any types of trends. The duo makes people easily look good and you do not need to think so hard whether you are well match wearing the jeans plus t-shirt, no matter your height or weight. So, today we share 10 tips to wear print t-shirt with jeans that looks timeless and natural. Enjoy.


Ways to Wear Your Print Tshit with Jeans

Print t-shirt is great; it has different designs from v-neck to round neck and not need to mention it also have a nice graphic design too. This kind of shirt can be paired with many styles and one of them is of course a jeans. Jeans is the most common timeless trend that always looks good to be matched with tshirt. Basic ingredients for these styles are the boot-cut jeans or skinny jeans with your favorite tshirt. Here are some ways you can try to wear the print tshirt with jeans:

  1. Combine the jeans with heels and keep the jewelry simple. If you wear a tshirt with detailed and complicated design then just go with simple jewelry and heels. You can wear a necklace and bracelet for casual look and it will still make you appear elegant during your informal meeting. Take your mini bag and you are ready to go.
  2. Similar idea, the jeans, tshirt, and flat shoes. If the heels are not your thing then you can replace it with flat shoes. Of course this is more comfortable than wearing high heels and suitable best for your summer hang out with friends.
  3. Add statement jewelry with statement bag. To get more modern look, you can combine the jeans with statement jewelry and statement bag. Choose print t-shirt with no complicated art designs and match it with white jeans plus statement necklace and bag.
  4. No statement necklace? Then change it with a scarf!. Wrap a scarf around your neck to replace the necklace and there are so many ways to tie your scarf around your neck with different styles. Jeans, print tshirt, and a scarf are a perfect fashion style to welcome fall season, so why not?
  5. Paired the jeans with leather jacket, cardigan, and blazer. Okay, you need to have these three garments inside your wardrobe since leather jacket, cardigan, and blazer can be combined easily with the jeans and print t-shirt. They are not only makes your body warm during chilly night, but also make you look more stylish.
  6. Black jeans or colored denims. You can limit yourself wearing only blue jeans and thus you need to change the feeling by replace that same blue jeans with some black jeans or colored denims. If you like going anywhere with casual look then this is good to be tried.
  7. Tuck the print t-shirt in or do with the half tuck. This is the easiest tips to be tried when you talk about combine the jeans with tshirt. You just need to tuck the shirt in or half tuck for more casual look. You can wear boyfriend jeans with high heels and do not forget a thick belt to keep the jeans tight plus make it looks stylish.
  8. Belt. Okay, the belts are not only can be used to hold up your jeans, since you can add more modern appearance by using the belt. Nowadays, there are lots of belt designs available and you can pick whichever belts that are going to look good paired with the jeans and of course the print tshirt.
  9. Tie the shirt. Okay, so this idea is not to show your belly that much and thus you need to find a loose and long print t-shirt. After that, just tie the shirt above one hip on the side or you can also tie it in the back.
  10. Show your shoulder. If you have loose tee shirt then you can wear it off one shoulder to show a little skin. It will make you look gorgeous and feminine. Combine with the heels and some bling then woola, you are done to go.

Now, this is the time for you to try above tips and you can also share your own fashion styles with print tshirt and jeans to us.