10 Different Ways to Wear Your Print T-Shirt

10 Different Ways to Wear Your Print T-Shirt


Print t-shirt is timeless since you can wear it whenever and wherever, through time tshirt trend is never fade away and it looks even better if you know how to mix and match it with other clothes accessories. Indeed that tshirts have very simple design, but that’s the best advantages since you can match it easily with other accessories that complement each other. Both men and women love to wear a shirt, even some women like to wear her oversized boyfriend t-shirt.

Now, if you think your print tshirt fashion style is so plain and boring, we have some ideas to make you looks better when you want to wear a shirt. Whether you want to style yourself with t-shirt in summer or spring, below are 10 different ways to wear your print t-shirt.


Makeover Yourself with These Print T-shirt Fashion Style

Prepare yourself to explore the new fashion style with your print tshirt. Tshirts have so many designs but mix it with accessories will make it looks even better. Here’s you can try some simple styles for your daily activities:

  1. Tie it around your waist. Why not try to tie the print t-shirt around your waist? Many celebrities love to do it and so why you not?! It will looks good and nice tying the shirt around your waist, if you like funky fashion style then this is the one for you. The best thing about this trend is you can add this to any types of your casual appearances. For example, you can combine it with your leather jacket, jeans plus sneaker, or even heels. Not to mention this trend makes you look so swag.
  2. Skirts. This is one of the styles that look good during fashion week; you can wear a statement print tshirt along with a skirt. You can choose to combine it with mini skirt or full skirt to get different appearances each day. You can also match it with skirt from jeans.
  3. Blazer. If your print t-shirt has this edgy look then you can pair it with a blazer. This style will add sophisticated appearance in you. You can wear a long necklace and then wear the blazer or you can complete it with a nice pin. And anyway, a pair of blazer with plain t-shirt plus a skirt will be look so great as well.
  4. Vest. Vest is amazing garment that can be matched with any types of fashion styles including your print tshirt. You can wear different colors of vest on your shirt and then you can just ready for your hang out with beloved friends!
  5. Bomber jacket. Why not try this fashion style that most popular for men? You can also try to pair the tshirt with a bomber jacket and a converse. This is good if you want to hang out in chilly night.
  6. Statement necklace. If you like hip hop style then you can match the print t-shirt with a statement necklace. Add the bling around your neck will make you look gorgeous and ready for your party in the club.
  7. Short. This is a fashion style that matches best during summer when the warm weather came in. Especially when you travel somewhere, do not forget to pack your print tshirt along with the shorts.
  8. Boyfriend jeans. This is an item that can be worn in many ways and it can make you to look ladylike but still appears like a rock chic girl. The best way to style yourself with boyfriend jeans is to pair it with girly accessories plus shirts thus make it looks feminine.
  9. Leather jacket and legging. Pair the print t-shirt with leather jacket and leather legging. You can wear it to attend informal meeting since it will make you looks elegant.
  10. Denim shirt. If you are boring with your denim shirt then you can also match your simple printed tshirt under denim shirt. Do not forget to roll up the denim shirt’s sleeves a bit to make it looks more fashionable. After that, pair it with some jeans or skirt.

Okay, that’s it! You can be creative to experiment with your print tshirt by adding this and that. And if you have more fashion inspiration, you can share it with us too.