6 Steps How to Promote Your Own Print T-shirt Brand

6 Steps How to Promote Your Own Print T-shirt Brand


If you already spend times and money to build your personalized print t-shirt then this is the time you need to promote the brand as well. Why you need to market the brand? Because you need to offer it to people by selling them and that’s the only way you will gain profit from your printed shirt. If you want to sell your print tshirt online then the way you promote it will effect on whether you will be successful engage potential buyers or not, so never overlooked it since it is an essential thing to sell your designed t-shirt. The brand is your first impression for the customers and even if you only designing your print t-shirt with very simple style, if your brand becomes a big hit then many people will still buy your product.


How to Promote Your Print T-shirt Brand

Internet is the best resource to promote your print tshirt brand and the way you design your shirt should mirror the brand’s style and image. Now, you can take a look of those already popular brand t-shirts that they promote their brands with not only a flat picture of their designed shirts, however they make their products as lifestyles and thus you need to do that as well. Below are ideas how to promote your own print t-shirt brand:

  1. Creating special environment for your printed t-shirt. You need to create an environment for your t-shirt meaning that you should target your audience and how they should wear your products. That’s why you tell them how your custom clothing should be wearing in special environment. To do these, do some research like ask your target customer, where these people like to hang out. Ask around your friends and families will help too, you can talk about what kind of environment that suitable best with your garments and such.
  2. Choose the right models. How you choose the models as a part to promote your brand is important since you need to choose the one that can represent your garment. You need first decide whether you want to use a model or not, after that you need to carefully select him/her. They should represent the right image of your print tshirt, for example piercing with no-piercing, men or women, tattoo or no-tattoo, and many more.
  3. Let the t-shirts speak themselves. Of course if you sell your print t-shirt online then you need to display your products with pictures and such so the customers can choose the one that they like. With that, you can let the print t-shirts speak themselves by display them with simple pictures but effective presentations. For example, you can display them one by one with hanger and put some accessories on the side of the folded shirt to make it looks better. Next, just take a shoot of it.
  4. Promotional videos. Videos can speak for more than just a simple picture so you can make promotional videos for your brand then upload it on your official site as well as video sharing blog like YouTube. If you have budget then you can contact a production company; otherwise you can also make your own videos with the right lighting, microphone, HD camera, editing software, and other video equipment. If you want to get some inspirations when you want to make your own video then you can surfing the internet.
  5. Get the help from influencers and trendsetters. In print tshirt industry, there must be some people who can influence many people to wear a designed or branded shirt. You need to get in touch with them so they want to help you promote your brand, you can get in touch through e-mail, social media, etc. Some of the helps that you can ask the trendsetters or influences such as: Event invitation of your brand, Free products for reviews, Wearing your brand products, Give a shout for you on social media, etc.
  6. Promote the brand via external services. External services such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are an effective way to promote plus sell your brand/products. Another method is by using third parties like advertising on some people website or television and such.

That’s several ideas which you can try when you want to promote your own designed print t-shirt. You have better ideas? Then you can send us your feedback!