Differences Between Jacket Screen Printing and Embroidery

Differences Between Jacket Screen Printing and Embroidery


Some people still get it wrong when it comes to differentiating the jacket screen printing and embroidery. Know your print jacket or custom jacket well, it would result in some advantages if you are able to identify the prints on the jacket. For example, it will be a convenience to know the washing tips of your floral print jacket well. Check these tips on knowing the differences.


The Differences Between Jacket Screen Printing and Embroidery

  1. First of all, the base knowledge of jacket screen printing is it uses the inks to be applied later on a substrate or fabric. There are many substrate and fabric kinds for screen printing that you can choose such as DIY jacket, t-shirt, tote bags, pens, and even yard signs. It is also called screen printing because the process consists of pushing the ink through a mesh screen to that mentioned fabric. This method is also possible even though it is a little bit tricky on producing the jacket with complex pattern like floral print jacket. You can obtain some advantages by using jacket screen printing such as the ease on producing jacket pritings with gradients as well as shadings. You can also spend less capital on making a bunch of custom jackets or print jackets because you only need to buy one screen on making several product design then do the repetitions afterward. If you do not need to make the contours on your design, you can rely this jacket screen printing method.
  2. Embroidery is not a usual method on making the print jacket because the printing is not a main focus here. The brief definition of embroidery is stitching the thread into your custom jacket. This method is commonly used on making several sport products like hats, golf shirts, and varsity jackets. If you are confident enough with your stitching ability, it is possible to make some DIY jackets using this technique. There are several advantages you can consider before deciding whether to use screen jacket printing or embroidery. The embroidery will give you clear result that is supposed to last longer than print jacket. However, this method is a little bit hard and requires particular skill compared to thye screen printing. The process is also taking longer time than the jacket printing and is more expensive. All in all, regardless all of these drawbacks you can obtain the contoured design of a custom jacket.

You can choose whether to use jacket screen printing or embroidery method for producing your DIY jackets. We hope that the informations above would help you well.