Rita Ora Flower Print Jacket Style Inspiration

Rita Ora Flower Print Jacket Style Inspiration


We must agree that Rita Ora is one powerful fashion icon. This time, we will reveal her style on using flower print jacket that you can follow. Her style can be an inspiration before making as well as as mix and matching your DIY jackets altogether with some other fashion items. Check this article out!


Rita Ora Flower Print Jacket Style

  1. Put the flowers only on the small part. Yes, we know that a floral print jacket is supposed to have flowers all over it. However, it is not a fault to put several flower on a small part only like what Rita Ora did. This way people can focus on a body part you are confident with. As a tip, when you make the DIY jackets, put the flower print on your favorite body side like waist etc.
  2. Dare to use the metallic color. Your custom jacket can stand out even more if you use the metallic one as basic color. For Rita Ora, she chose metallic blue as her loose print jacket base color. We suggest you to be careful while combining this one because it may be risky for some people. Less accessories is the highlight here because too many accessories will not go well with a metallic color. Wear a white tank top inside as well and you are all set to mesmerize people’s eyes.
  3. Use the skirt. Once you decide that you will go with a loose print jacket, it is essential to determine what lower outfit should you wear. You are welcome to ouse high waist skirt or mini skirt to make the legs look longer. However, if you feel like your legs appearance is already long enough, it is highly recommended to use denim trousers. Keep in mind that you need to look balance, not too tall, not too short, not too skinny, and not too chubby. As for the footwear, Rita Ora wore a pumped assymetrical white heels that you can also consider going with. Pick the edgy make up to pump up your overall appearance. With these things set, do not fear the conditon of not standing out because you may just steal the spotlight in an occasion.

No matter what kind of custom jacket you wear and what kind of combination with other fashion items you make, the most important key for looking perfectly fine is self confidence. Mix those items in the wardrobe, be confident, and you are all set to be the fashion role.