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Sticker One Way

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Minimum Order $10
one way

Sticker One Way

One Way Vision provides a graphic image to the outside and while still allowing visibility to the exterior from the interior. Its micro-perforated material makes it so you can see an image from the exterior. You can see out, but viewers on the outside only see your graphic. One Way Vision offers flexibility for irregular surfaces which allows for easy handling and installation.

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Price List

Lamination Price Minimal Order
No Laminating 0,08/cm2 10


Please round up your size to a solid number, for example 2.5cm x 3.5cm pls enter 3 x 4cm.

Lamination Width Length Qty Total

Difference Lamination Glossy and Matte/Doff

doff and glossy

Glossy Lamination: shiny effect on the surface, the colors look brighter.

Frosted Matte/Doff Lamination: non shiny surface, the colors look softer.

File Size?

In digital format, exact size to the size of the stickers you want to print.

Types of File?

  • Ideally in PNG with transparent background. So we can print the stickers exactly to the shape you want and the background will not be printed.

Difference Size

We will print the sticker based on the uploaded files. Please make sure you enter the correct size. If there is any difference in size, we will use the longest size as a reference to produce proportionate image to be printed.

Resolution File?

picture resolution

What is definition of resolution file?? Resolution files are usually called DPI (Dots per Inch) or PPI (Pixels per inch). Which is the number of dots in an image. The more the number of dots in one picture means the better the results. For the best result of prints resolution has to be at least 300-400 dpi with maximum file print is 2MB. Please take note if the image resolution is lower than 300-400DPI, the result will not be as crisp and blur. We do not edit the image uploaded, we will print a sticker in accordance to the file submitted.


cmyk and rgb color

Industrial printing run in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key/black) so if your artwork/image is in RGB the machine will convert the color automatically to CMYK.