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How to Wear a Mini Skirt without a Worry of Overexposed

posted by on October 3, 2015

Mini skirt is widely known as a fashion item that can make you look cute and fashionable instantly. There are so many choices of cute printed skirts and custom skirts available that you can choose due to your own liking. Unfortunately, there is always a fear of looking overexposed while using skirt. What are the tips to wear this item without a worry of being overexposed?


Tips on Using Mini Skirt Without Looking Overexposed

  1. Use leggings or hosiery. One way on using miniskirt safely without too much skin exposed is by using it altogether with leggings or hosiery. Not only that, these two items can also improve your appearance and make you look more stylish. If you demand to use short skirt with keeping an elegant look, you can use the pantyhose as an alternative. To reduce the attentions on your legs while you are using a mini skirt, avoid using colorful leggings or stockings with some unique patterns. That means, try not to use the printed skirt or custom skirt that look a bit controversial or attract so many attention. Otherwise, stick to dark and solid colors that can also make your legs look skinnier.
  2. Suitable footwear. While you are using the skirt especially the mini skirt, keep in mind that it is malicious to use the high heels. High heels may make you look hotter in your mind, but not in some people’s mind. It would be too provocative if you use high heels altogether with miniskirt. You can wear the cute thick boots as alternative or even sticking to the simpler style, the flatshoes. These items will make you look sweeter and not as provocative as when you choose the heels as footwears. For any colors or styles of these items that are suitable to your miniskirt collections, you can look it up on a magazine or a fashion web. You may also look up the style some models pull while using a short skirt.
  3. Mind your top and focus on it. If you are using a skirt that is short or mini already, it is better to use the top that covers your skin as much as possible. You can choose the long-sleeve sweaters or shirts that are suitable to your skirts shorts or even a colorful blouse to move people attention’s over to the top. Use tops with unique pattern to shift people’s attention far from tour legs. For pulling of a casual look, you may combine a printed skirt with loose t-shirt and for more formal look, you may combine a custom skirt that is short with a jacket or a blazer. For more references, you can look up to some beauty magazines or professional beauty blogs. All in all, do not be feared on using mini skirt. Those are the tips on using mini wkirt without a worry of being overexposed.