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Why We Need to Have Business Cards for Our Company

posted by on October 2, 2015

Business card is incredibly important to let yourself known by others instantly and to represent your company by giving main informations of it. Unfortunately, some people do not have business card or name card because they have not benefited from it yet. These are the reasons of why you need to have your own business card.

Reason to Have Business Card by Yourself

1. Business card is an effective marketing media

If you often come to so many business deals or meet your business clients regularly (even the new ones), do not forget to prepare several namecards. Believe it or not, name card is way more effective as a promotion tool of your company compared to digital advertisement, social medias, and so on. Meeting some important people regularly can basically lead you to meet other new important people. You can meet them at unexpected places, restaurants, airport lounges, and others. When you see an opportunity on working with them or asking them to invest on your company, get your namecard on their hand instantly. Pay attention to your business card’s design as it is so determining to catch their attention. You can go to name card printing Singapore outlets or Singapore printing services to get business card with a formal and convincing design. Your name card printing defines you.

2. Business card shows that you are well-prepared

You may see a scene on a movie where in a business deal, a character writes his contact information on a tissue or napkin. Again, it looks a bit unprofessional. It also shows that you are not so interested with that particular business deal. The investors tend to choose the prepared tenders with formal design of name card printing. Prepare the ones that you think can grab the investors’ heart easily. To make ones that meet your expectation, you can take the name card-making service provided from your local printing services or name card printing Singapore outlets. For best case, prepare some designs that can fit your different business deal segments so each segment will feel specialized.

3. You do not need to swap each other’s contact digitally

The technology nowadays actually enables us to send our other contact informations via mail or text on the spot. However, that seems a bit impersonal even though it is much more convenient. Take out your business card with formal printing available while keeping an eye contact and genuine smile to your partner. That way, your meeting will be much more personal and the deal tends to be more successful. Business card with formal printing can be so advantageous to you and your company. Do not forget to bring these thin cards everywhere. You can ask many printing services to make ones that meet your needs.