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How to Make Professional Looking Business Card

posted by on October 2, 2015

To have a successful business with a wide network, it is always good to have name card printing so that your brand image can be reflected even if it is only a piece of paper that comes in a small size. A name card is usually offered by businessmen so that people whom you want to work with can have a positive impression about you and your company. There are many printing services that can be relied on, but printing your own namecard yourself can also be a good idea.

Tips for Designing Name Cards for Business

If you need a service of name card printing Singapore, here are some steps that you may follow to make your own cool business card.

1. Find a professional designer or making it yourself if you have that awesome skill. If you are skilled, you will be able to do it yourself easily and creating the name card printing with the brand image carried through your name card, but if not, you can trust the designer that has a good intuition.

2. Do not design it too much by keeping it simple. If you have seen the namecard that is designed by printing services, the size is 3.5x2 inches. The logo can also be kept simple without being too large when printing. The letters should not be too small either so that your client can read them; also, it is alright to have white space.

3. Unless you are a type of person who is adventurous, the card can simply be in standard size and shape. In order to make your business card different from others, the shape can be made unusually with a bit trick, like making the corner to be round. For name card printing Singapore with unusual size and shape, it will make people who receive yours can be impressed and memorize yours easily.

4. Be informative for the content. The ones written there should be important and informative enough. Your name card printing should consist of your company’s name that can also come with the logo, as well as your e-mail address and phone number. The name card can then be added with the official website address, cell-phone number, fax number and physical address if you want to by using space. Ask the printing services to make it as clean and simple as possible when printing yours.

5. Leave the rear part of your namecard to be blank. The back side is usually left empty, but it is alright if it is going to be used for non-critical info details. For the new name card printing Singapore, it is all about your brand identity that is promoted through your business card, so do not put advertisement there.