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How Name Card Printing Singapore Makes Business Cards

posted by on October 2, 2015

Are you wondering how name card printing Singapore makes business cards that the company can be so successful by it? Here are the steps on printing business card and namecard you may need to follow for these are so efficient and effective.

Steps on Printing Business Cards and Namecards

1. Firstly, open a new blank page on any word processing software to do the design before namecard printing. Select the decorative and suitable printing design that is demanded by your client. You need to know already what you need to write on that name card.

2. Name card printing Singapore companies always use the easily-read yet ergonomic font type and font size. For example, you can put font type such as Arial or Times New Roman with size 11 to 14 for a namecard. It will be easily read even at 30 feet distance.

3. Type the client’s full name or company’s name on the center of the designed business card. Make sure it is still nice to see and enable the readers to want to know more about that particular company or person. Do not forget to put the client’s degrees, if there are any. A lesson that may make name card printing Singapore companies successful is no mistake done during the typing of the degree. To avoid this mistake, before printing the name card, look up for the right spell and punctuation of a degree in a dictionary or the internet. Some clients may also want their recently-graduated from school and university to be written in the name card, ask them first if it needs to be written.

4. Type the client’s contact information on the name card since this is the most important part on name card printing. Do include the phone number and email address with smaller font size or event different formal font type and put those informations below. Do the recheck about these informations on your client.

5. To be one of well-known printing services, prove your company quality from the high-quality card stock you use to print the namecards. Use the thick and glossy or matte paper upon your client’s preferences and print it with the printer you use. To reduce printing waste, you cant print multiple business or name cards on a single paper. With those cards printed, you are ready to give the ordered namecards back to your clients.

Running a name card printing service is not that difficult in many occasions. These are the steps on making high-quality namecard that can guide you easily while doing it.