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Do and Don't of Using Business Card for Your Brand Image

posted by on October 2, 2015

The do and don’t of using business card should be understood because it is not only about you but your personal brand image that is represented by the card. A name card is used because it can help you to promote your company and widen the networks. Going for printing services for getting your own namecard is one of the best ways to do. The name card printing Singapore will help you to give a good impression to the clients.

Name Cards Using Tips

There are some things that you need to do when using the name card printing. So before printing yours, see what you should consider:

• The information must be relevant. Everything like your phone number, company logo, company address, company name, title, your name and e-mail address should all be informed right. You can ask the printing services to leave some space for the cell phone number info and your official company website to give a more reliable impression.

• The card’s rear side can be used. Although it is not common to use the back side of your business card, but it is one of the best ways to give the same information as the front part in different language in case you have a business with other countries. So, ask the name card printing Singapore service to make both front and back sides are written with your right information.

• Make it simple. The namecard should be in the standard and common size along with the simple fonts so the information is readable. No need to choose the bright colors; for your name card, it is always best to have light gray, beige, or white as the background color, while for the text color, dark grey, navy, or black is the best choice for your name card printing. There are also some things you should not do when printing or using your business card.

• Throw the outdated ones and make the new name card. It often happens for someone to run out of namecard, but it does not mean you can give people who ask your cards with the outdated ones. Just honestly say to them that you run out of it and you will immediately inform them through e-mail.

• Avoid clip arts to replace the unavailable company logo. No need to force it by adding a clip art to the name card printing if you do not have logo since you are a freelancer, just tell the printing services to include title and your name only will be enough.

• Avoid using cheap and thin paper. The better impression can be given when your name card printing Singapore is good in quality, so ensure that the name cards printing is not with low quality.