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Creative Business Card Design Inspirations

posted by on October 2, 2015

Business card is a crucial item to your company, it flows everywhere to the other that have met you or have not seen you at all and it represents you and your company instantly. Some name card printing outlets have provided some creative business card designs that will amaze you, however these are the design to add up your references.

Creative Business Card Design Inspirations

1. Cerovski

This name card is unique for the material it provides, its microscopic style, and its nebulous finishing. You can learn the design from this kind of name card with an addition of your own custom logo type and type face. The font type is minimalist yet shopisticated with colorful font colors that attract people’s attention easily. One great deal to attract your business deal partner attention instantly. You can get the similar design of this business card from some name card printing Singapore outlets or other printing services. Do not forget to ask for monotone color such as white or black as the background color.

2. Vitor Bonates

This business card design is known for the unusual yet creative design it provides. Not only that, the shape is also distinctive from the other business cards. The shape of the name card is basically vinyl shape and the information of the card holder can be written as the track names. There is also a sleeve to hold the replica vinyl record easily. Event though the shape is unusual, you can also offer this style from name card printing Singapore outlets and other printing services. The printing process of this name card may take up longer time, but who does not want unique business card that leaves such a good impression to your business clients?

3. Powell Peralta

The skateboard may be a casual item for youngsters, but it is really cool to be the possible design of formal name card and business card. The skateboard company Powell Peralta made this kind of business card with thin smooth wood and a featuring grip tape also added around the skull design. Creative reference indeed, especially if you are opening a casual items company that is targetting teens as well as young adults. For the design, material, and the printing, you can get this kind of business card from Singapore printing services easily. Or you could just make the design by yourself to your own liking and ask name card printing Singapore outlets to make the miniature.

Getting a creative name card printing can give a nice impact on your company and business. Those are some examples of creative name card inspirations that you can follow.