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Pants to Wear with Your Floral Print Jackets

posted by on November 18, 2015

Not every kind of pants will look so clicked with your floral print jackets. Frankly stating, the safest way to go is using basic colored jeans or using the tailored pants. However you still need to check those items’ style carefully to make sure that you will get proper combination. Below are the lists of pants to wear with your custom jacket.


Pants That Can Be Combined Suitably with Floral Print Jackets

  1. Get your summer look with tailored shorts. As summer is still identical with flowers or floral print, you can even look more casual without giving up much effort by wearing your DIY jackets and tailored shorts altogether. There are so many tailored shorts varieties offered by outfit labels that you can choose due to your preference. Because it is summer, pick the soft material that will make you feel comfortable enough especially when you are on vacation. White silk chiffon short pants will go nicely with your print jacket because it gives off the clean and casual feeling. The fabric is also safe for your skin and your comfort is highly guaranteed by this fabric. However, a drawback from this piece is its price indeed hits the skyline. The other alternative with lower selling price is linen shorts. Combine the basic colored linen shorts like grey and brown with the custom jacket then use your crisp sneakers as the finishing. For more fun look, pick the edgy cutting such as zigzag cutting or cloud-like cutting from your shorts. The cotton pants will make you feel comfortable as well and this kind of pants has more color choices compared to the other fabrics mentioned earlier.
  2. For a classic look, a dark denim will never betray you. If you are supposed to look casual yet classy, a dark denim is essential to boost up that ambience. Wear the floral print jacket altogether with dark blue, dark grey, or black denim then use the loafers as your footwears. You can also add up some classy accessories like simple golden bracelets or golden watch. With this on, you are ready to have fun with your colleagues. You may also consider adding up a denim patch upon your DIY jacket if it feels like they will match each other.

The two kinds of fashion items mentioned earlier can be easily found in your surrounding. Get confused no more about mix and matching your floral print jacket with the pants.