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Gigi Hadid Airport Fashion Wearing Floral Print Jacket

posted by on November 18, 2015

Gigi Hadid can be considered as one certified fashion icon for she once blasted the airport when she arrived in Toronto. How can you not love her style, she pulled of the perfect look with a floral print jacket indeed. Here is the brief review of her combination that can inspire you on making then mix and matching some DIY jackets.


Gigi Hadid’s Floral Print Jacket Combination

  1. The golden ink is totally okay on your print jacket. Some people think that putting a golden color on the custom jacket may be risky as it would be hard to find the proper mix and matches. However, Gigi Hadid swept that thought off. She had proven to us that some golden ink is actually okay to be put on your jacket fabric. One tip on putting it on is, make sure the basic color of your print jacket is dark so they are contrast enough later. In this case, Gigi had metallic blue as the base color of her floral print jacket. There was also bright pink color as the ornaments so she still rocked a feminine look. This style suited her very well and improved her quirkiness as well as cuteness.
  2. A shoutout tee is fine to be tried. If you have a great shoutout tee, make sure to wear it inside the floral print jacket like what Gigi did. Yes, the words may not be seen as a whole but it would successfully add the quirky point of your overall appearance. Make sure that the tee color is white or anything that will not attract people’s attention far from your custom jacket. The words may be printed in golden ink as well so it matches the golden ink from your jacket. With this on, be ready to be the center of attention in airport.
  3. Get the retro look. With cool aviator glasses, the black leather trousers and big brown bag, Gigi was able to pull of an irresistible vintage look. This is a good news for a retro look lover because this cool mix and match can be suitable to many people. For the shoes, we suggest you to grab your stored boots then be ready to stomp the floor eagerly. A print jacket will never go wrong with black boots or dark colored high heels. For more accessories options, you can look up the other celebrities’ mix and matches.

Replace the airport dull style with your custom jacket. Gigi Hadid scored it well with her floral print jacket.