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The Eight Celebrities Wearing Floral Print Jacket

posted by on May 17, 2016

If you happen to need some inspirations on mix and matching the floral print jacket, these are the eight celebrity styles you can steal or learn from. Keep in mind that the most crucial thing you need to own before trying out these styles is self confidence. You can also alter their styles a bit according to your preferences so it would become your authentic mix and match.


Eight Celebrity Styles with Floral Print Jacket

  1. Jessica Alba. This actress seriously rocked the day with her custom jacket. Upon the jacket’s blue color dominance, she wore the white loose tea inside and bright blue leggings altogether. She was also seen in West Hollywood carrying the silver hand bag that boosted up her casual yet classy look.
  2. Allyson Felix. During the London Fashion Week, Allyson Felix wore her print jacket combined with black leather pants. To obtain the more formal look, she wore the print jacket buttoned up than accessorized herself with a bright blue ring meanwhile for the footwear, she looked so stunning with creme stiletto.
  3. Kim Kardashian. Who can resist this glamorous girl’s style? Turn your DIY jacket into the similar one with Kardashian’s using basic shapes and daring colors of flower on top of the fabric. Get your fabulous appearance with leather skinny pants as well then for more fierce look, bun up your hair, grab your sunnies, and hit the road.
  4. Ann Romney. Want to draw people’s attention through your feminine bright colored floral print jacket? Look at Ann Romney’s style where she wore a white t-shirt inside the jacket and the white trousers as well. You will look fresh, even fresher with nature colored necklace and high heels.
  5. Rita Ora. When you feel like ready to pull of daring look, consider this Rita Ora’s mix and match. Use your custom jacket together with a stunning colored training pants and black boots. Make sure to get your make ups done as daring as your outfit.
  6. Leighton Meester. A Leighton Meester lover should have known her habit on using the jacket already. Make your DIY jacket with white as the base color and even the simple trousers will make you look fresh and clean indeed. This is so good to wear in autumn.
  7. Christina Ricci. Steal this one other Hollywood style from Christina Ricci. It is so good for hanging out where she wore her floral print jacket with simple flat shoes and jeans.
  8. Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato looks so cute with her print jacket combined with a mini skirt that has same pattern. She used the basic colored tee inside so the jacket will be main focus. Now, which celebrity’s custom jacket style does attract you the most? Give it a try to get some refreshment.