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Styling the Spring Jacket Tips for Women

posted by on November 24, 2015

Already got some inspirations of outfit for spring? It is never wrong to plan your outfit mixes beforehand. Take the floral print jackets and other print jackets from the wardrobe and be ready to rock the spring. Your style will never go wrong with this article below. Check this out to find your guide!


Spring Jacket Mixing Tips for Women

  1. If you happen to have a custom jacket or DIY jacket you always treasure and start getting bored of the constant mix and matches, you can try altering the jacket a little bit with these alternatives. Make the rounded collar, the bell sleeves, or even the fitting waist to look different and more edgy than usual. Keep in mind that to get these alternatives done neatly, it is highly recommended to bring your item to a tailor or it can just be made the other DIY if you are confident enough.
  2. Use the bright colored print jackets. Spring is identical with happiness and bright colors so you will easily cheer many people around you by using the bright colors. If you dare enough, use the shocking green, pop blue, or bright red custom jacket and mix it with basic colored t-shirt inside such as black or white. Be prepared to the crowds’ amazed buzzes around you while you are all set to hit the road.
  3. Wear the tank top inside of your cropped floral print jacket. With this combination on, you can grab the feminine yet sexy look altogether. To make it look a little bit classier, use the glamorous accesories such as gold necklaces or bracelet. Tank tops would go really well with cropped jacket so the other hint you will need is an ultimate confidence.
  4. Do not get tired of accesories and jewelleries because they can boost up your look in seconds. As for the DIY jacket, you may just sew the accesories on to the fabric meanwhile for the bought print jacket, it will be a larger convenience for you to add the accesories such as pin, scarf, and belt. Make sure that you choose the accesories with colors which will match the color of your jacket well. The safest colors are monotone colors. With a little addition of accesories, you can even turn the ordinary look into the most stunning look ever.

Well, from the written tips above, which one would you go with in the spring? Why hesitate, pull that custom jacket out from your wardrobe and be the center of attention!