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Party Printed Jacket for Men Inspirations

posted by on November 24, 2015

Well, a party is supposed to be fun isn’t it? Support your fun style with one of these print jackets. Do not worry as these styles are very suitable for dynamic men as well as dynamic women. Even the floral print jacket can be the strongest fashion item if you mix and match it properly. Which one of these that represents you well?


Party Printed Jackets for Men

  1. Floral print jacket. First of all, do not get puzzled of what to combine altogether with your floral DIY jackets. If you are about to make one, choose the bright colors so that it can be combined beautifully with basic colored accesories. Try bright brown as the basic color of your custom jacket and yellow or white as the color of flowers on it. These three colors would integrate well and make your print jacket as catchy as possible. If you do not like the bright color as the basic, you can always pick the dark ones. Try some colors like black, purple, or dark grey. Keep in mind that to make this fashion item noticeable, put the bright colored flowers as the motives. You can combine pale pink to shocking pink with dark grey or orange with dark purple. To get the casual party look, you may combine this floral print jacket with white tee inside, the awesome sunglasses, and the casual loafers. Be prepared to be the center of attention, be prepared to be awesome, and be prepared to get the fashion king title.
  2. Leaf print jacket. A leaf print jacket will give you a holiday feeling because it will make you feel like having fun by the beach. This makes the leaf print ones are indeed suitable for casual party, especially when you are supposed to have fun with some friends. Be careful while combining this outfit as it can turn malicious if you do not pick the right matching fashion items and accesories. This print would go so well with bright colors so for a suggestion, try the green or blue as dominating color. You may pull of the best look by wearing this custom jacket altogether with straw hat, shorts, and nice sandals or loafers. For a complete feeling, add up the spectacles and you are ready to have fun. Man, grab that guitar to have fun with some people as it will be easy for you on grabbing the attentions. Still hesitating on making the leaf print DIY jackets?

All in all, the print jackets are suitable to pull of your party look. Hope the color and outfit combinations mentioned earlier would undoubtedly inspire you.