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Lewis Hamilton’s Print Jacket Inspirations

posted by on November 24, 2015

Are you so into custom jackets and print jackets? There are so many celebrities’ mix and matches that can inspire you and become the ultimate guide for looking so fabulous. One of them is Lewis Hamilton. This man seriously pulls of the printed ones even the floral print jacket into the most outstanding fashion stuffs ever. Check his style out!


Lewis Hamilton’s Print Jacket Inspirations

  1. Tie dye print jacket. If you happen to make a DIY jacket later, try the tie dye print at least once. How can you not love this fashion attire as this motive is easily combined with the other fashion items. For a ‘safe’ choice, pick the neutral or monotone colors such as black, grey, blue, and khaki. Lewis Hamilton tried this style out in the London Collections Showcase and he successfully attracted many attentions by stealing the spotlight. He was stated to be inspired by singer Pharrell Williams as well so you can assume that men and women can pull of this style fabulously. For greatest mix and match, you can combine this print jacket with a basic colored tee inside and basic colored trousers. As for the foot outwear, choose the loafers for meanwhile the women can go well with boots or mocasines. Add the accesories like edgy spectacles or sunglasses altogether with quirky earrings and you are all set to go into the show. Try this combination often in many occasions especially the casual ones.
  2. Floral print jacket. Who says that a floral print jacket can only get its glamorous definition on women? If you dare and are confident enough like Lewis Hamilton, this custom jacket can make you indeed the center of attention! However, you should really be careful while combining it with the other available items. He used this style at Formula One and as the result, he caugh medias’ eyes beautifully as the new fashion icon. Combine your floral DIY jacket with white tee inside and basic colored jeans like black or blue jeans. Do not forget to add up some accesories for quirkier look like cool sunnies and gleaming earrings or necklaces. As for the footwear, make sure you use the simple yet stylish ones like mocasines and loafers as stated above. With this different print jacket and proper combination, you are so ready to take over the fashion title.

So, do not neglect the DIY jackets or custom jackets in your wardrobe, especially if they are the printed ones. You can steal the mentioned Lewis Hamilton styles for some occasions.