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Check These Twelve Steps to Print Jackets Out

posted by on November 24, 2015

Printing the custom jacket or DIY jacket is not the easy job at some times. You will need some tips to get the perfect outcome, especially if you are about to print complex patterns such as flower print jacket. Here are twelve steps to print the jackets well!


Steps to Print the Jackets

  1. Get your printings done on a good quality jacket. Make sure that the print jacket you are about to produce is made from high quality nylon so it will take the 300-400 degrees F temperature well. This way the fabric will not be ruined as well.
  2. Make the good hold down and foolproof tools for producing the best print jacket. It will be so annoying to print the custom jacket out while the fabric is shaking or shifting from one point to the other point. You can’t be able to get the best image as well.
  3. Make sure you own the good ink system. Choose the reliable ink system product, the product should have been tested beforehand to make it reliable.
  4. Get the proper viscosity of your ink. Adding the plastisol for making the flower print jacket will bond the print well, however the ink may look thinner later. Always check the viscosity before printing.
  5. Use the indeed correct screen. Pick the proper mesh that suits the ink viscosity. Look up some references of DIY jacket printing to find the suitable ones.
  6. When printing on the nylon fabric, use the flash cure unit. This is an anticipation for getting the size of custom jacket right. It could be a burden if the fabric shrinks too much after the heating.
  7. Do not rush the setups. Take your time on setting the screen so that the printing of jacket resulted is crisp and clean.
  8. Watch your printing technique well. Not every person comes with ability on producing the best quality of jacket so these are a few tips to make the great result. Press the squeegee gently and snap the screen immediately when the printing process ends.
  9. Remember, the auto flash units will result in improved multi color even though it costs more for a production and takes a few seconds longer.
  10. Give the pastisol mixture a few days to age. Let the pastisols harden for 48 to 72 hours so the print jacket’s printing will not be ruined when washed for the first time.
  11. When you guess you are not able to produce it on time, do not hesitate to tell the customers about your constraints and limitations.
  12. Spend some time on training. Just like the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’, going forward without a brief guide is a big no for jacket printing business.

With those tips on, producing even the perfect complex pattern like flower print jacket is not a big burden at all.