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Stylish Floral Print Jacket Inspiration for Men

posted by on November 18, 2015

Stylish floral print jacket inspiration for men is available in many ideas and for you who are curious about what jacket that will be perfect to be worn by you in floral prints, the print jackets that are recommended here may inspire you more. Today’s blazer and jackets for men are more creative and innovative, but without much effort, you can still appear fashionable and modern. DIY jackets in floral print will totally be a good idea because they are usually made in artistic and vibrant colors. Here some highly-recommended picks for you to consider.


Ideas for Fashionable Jackets with Floral Prints for Men

  • Colorful Floral Print Painted in Black Blazer. For fashionable men, there is a bunch of ideas for the custom jackets in floral prints, but if you want to make it as the center of attention, make sure you prefer the unique one that has cut from medium-weight printed with the floral motifs in hand drawn showing that the floral print jacket has a rich design.
  • Elegant Sky Blue Rose. If you want cool and elegant print jackets, you should consider sky blue rose to be printed in your leather two-tone blazer. For creative DIY jackets, these floral prints are awesome even though the floral print only fills the front part of your custom jackets, while the sleeves and rear part have no prints.
  • Watercolor Floral Prints. Another cool idea that you can take into consideration for the floral print jackets is watercolor floral prints only in two colors dominating, white and black. It is totally charming print jackets as no need to use multiple colors to make the floral prints stand out.
  • 3D Floral Design. With the white as the background, you may add 3D floral prints design to the DIY jackets that you make as it is totally creative. No need to fill the whole front and back part, as you can only focus on the bottom front part and its collar only for having floral designs. This is what you call as elegant artistic custom jackets.
  • Artsy Orange-Red Floral. For you who have no big deal with the bright and colorful floral print jacket, the artsy floral prints in a blazer that has a dominant orange-red color will be perfect. Even the print jackets can still make you look stylish and appealing.
  • Sleeve Floral Jacket. If you like wearing something in a sporty style, you should better take a look at DIY jackets with flower print filled on the sleeves. The sleeve snap-button custom jackets with floral motifs are trending these days.