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How to Mix and Match Pillow Case to Decorate Your Sofa

posted by on October 3, 2015

Decorating your sofa with some different pillow cases or pillow covers can be so adventorous. Wrong combinations can lead to awful scenery of your sofa and the mismatched feeling. These are the choices of customized pillow case combinations to add up your references. Moreover, these looks will not give a shabby ambience to your overall living room atmosphere.


Mixing and matching pillow case to decorate your sofa

  1. Use some bright primary colors. The cushions with primary color such as red, blue, and yellow will give off the daring and cheerful ambience to your sofa. Use all the three colors to go bold, especially if your sofa comes in monotone colors like gray, black, ivory, or white. You can even add more than one type or shape of pillow. Play with rectangle pillows, cylindrical pillows, and so on. Arrange many of them anywhere on the sofa so that your overall room will look even better. To get these daring colors of your pillow case, you can go to some customized pillow Singapore or cushion cover Singapore stores. You can even consult to the experts there regarding your sofa color details.
  2. Use one with pattern and one with solid color altogether. This simple mix can give an unbelievably good impact. If you have no-patterned sofa with solid color, you can add up two, four, or even six pillows with half of them printed in patterns and the others contain only solid color. For example, if you have an ivory colored sofa, combine this sofa with two checkered pillow cases and two basic orange pillow covers. Do not hesitate much on mixing two opposite colors of pillow cover as they can still look well as long as you have pastel monotone colored background (wall). As an example, go with cream or white colored background.
  3. Go floral. Do you like a vintage looking room? You can get this vintage style if you use floral pillows on your basic colored couch. Some different patterns of floral may look mismatched and clashing, if this is the matter, keep adding the other floral pillow with the other pattern. In a particular point, this combination of so many floral pillow cases will make your room a marvelous vintage place indeed. You can get the flora pillow covers easily from some cushion cover Singapore and the customized pillow Singapore vendors.

Do not be afraid of trying new combinations of pillow covers to your sofa and your room. You can also consider some choices mentioned above for the best looks.