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Now, T-shirts with cool images not only belong to well-known brands, because you can make it yourself without the high cost! Pour your creativity and create your favorite t-shirt design through our super-fast, cheap, and no minimum order service! We take pride of our quality and professional service so you can have an awesome experience producing and wearing your own design.

Silk Screen VS Printing?

With silk screen printing, the ink is only on the top layer, with usage and washing it can hold down to about one year before the ink starts to rupture and peeling. As for printing, direct ink absorbed in fiber fabrics therefore the color will not fade or wear off.

Type and the material we provide?

We have a lot of T-shirt type and comes in a lot of colors, you can click on the menu clothing > color & size to check them out. For the type itself we have the classic crew neck, v-neck, long sleeves, raglan, baseball varsity jacket, half zipper hoodie, hoodie sweaters, polo shirts, kids t-shirts and ladies t-shirts.

Where in the T-shirt you can print your design?

To print the T-shirt we use a special machine that has a square shaped, sized A4 (21 × 29.7cm) and A3 (29.7 × 42cm), so the printing size should be around this size. You can print on the front, back or both.
print area

The color of the T-shirt matters!

light-colored T-shirt
Not all T-shirt colors can absorb the ink directly, only light-colored T-shirt like white, cream, yellow, pink, light blue, and neon green could absorb ink easily.

Print pictures directly to the shirt with CMYK inks.
Color images blend with the base color shirt.
Not the end result we want.

And what about the dark color shirt? Dark-colored T-shirts required special techniques to print, we perform a basic coating with white ink in advance, so that other colors can go into the dark colored shirt like black, red, dark purple, and dark blue.
kaos dengan tinta putih

Image is given basic white ink then given another print with CMYK inks.
Results of images with white ink on the shirt color will be brighter
and thicker than without white ink.
This is the end result we want.

Type of Prints

tshirt standard non white
Standard non-white is a special high quality direct to garment ink. The ink sinks in deep to the fabric making it very durable and safe against multiple washing and ironing. This technique best done in white T-shirt. Reason why is because the color of the t-shirt will mix with the ink. So look at this sample here, if you use white tshirt your colors will be whatever color you`re printing. But if you choose to print on blue t-shirt, look at the "white" (santa`s head, beard and sleeves) that is suppose to appear white on your artwork will mix with the tshirt color and become blue.


Neopigment is the best ink technology in the world right now. Neopigment ink is water based and 100% non toxic. It is very safe even for babies, it has Oeko Tex 100 certificate, Global Organic Textiles (GOTS-3V), Residues Standard List (RSL) and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.
tshirt neo pigment non white
NeoPigment Non-White applied on the light color fabric like white, cream, yellow, pink, light blue and lime green. The ink will sink in to the fabric but the result of printing with this is a very sharp and light and smooth textured colors. This has better color pay-off then the standard non white technique.
tshirt neo pigment +white
NeoPigment - White best applied on the darker color like black, navy blue, grey, deep green, etc. The white in this technique means we add another white layer on the process to make the design colors pop more. The ink will sink in to the fabric but you will still be able to see a smooth, light texture of the colors. This technique is the solution for you who wants to print direct to garment using colorful t-shirt.

Print & cut vinyl (Rubber Chemica )

tshirt Rubber
Print & cut vinyl (Rubber chemica) have that vinyl feel almost the same like heat transfer feel but this is the better quality. You can print any color on this rubber and the result is sharp and clear. The ink has OEKO-TEX standard is 100% non toxic. This technique can be done in light or dark color fabric,. The advantage of using this technique is the ink or should we say the rubber sits on top of the fabric, it doesn`t sink in to the fabric so the color is sharper and brighter. The difference between chemical rubber and heat transfer is that this rubber is more elastic so it`s more durable against washing.
Rubber is very good used for block of colors like logo or picture.
tshirt Rubber

Production period

Our vision is to provide quick service without compromising quality, we provide ONE DAY SERVICE, which was completed in the same day (order entry before 14.00), our normal production work is 1-3 working days.

Minimum order?

As per your requirement, no minimum order, we can even print 1 piece only.

Delivery process?

We provide door to door shipment, for resellers we can deliver the end products directly to the client's address.

Will the color printed on the T-shirt appear the same as on the screen?

We use the CMYK color model for our machine so whatever software you use you can do a CMYK color conversion so that the color you see on the screen match the color of the end result print on the T-shirt.
color model

What kind of image is suitable for printing?

Make sure the color choice match the T-shirt color.
Also make sure the file extension png. or jpg. (We only receive these two types).
Check the picture resolution: Right-click on the image, properties > details > image> dimensions. Minimum resolution is 500 × 500pixels for A4, and 1000 × 1000 pixels for A3.

How to order?

In our website, menu clothing > order> follow the 4 easy steps to order:
  1. Upload your design
  2. Enter the delivery of data and select the shirt size
  3. Select the color and detail shirt printing.
  4. Confirmation of order
How to contact us?
Mon-Fri 10:00 to 18:00 pm, you can contact us via Email, IM, Social Chat listed on the front page of the website.


For you who wants to start a clothing label, let's join the reseller club.

What are the benefits of becoming a reseller?
    We do not have minimum order, so you can either order when you receive an order from your client (this is easier for you, so you don't have to keep stocks) or you can print a few and keep on your store.
    You can also print your brand on the T-shirt as your brand tag.
    We can send the end products directly to your customers, orders will be sent to your customers with your clothing brand as the sender.
    Sign up as a Reseller and get best deals from us.